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Who We Are

The Laurel Oak Community Association, Inc. (LOCA) primary responsibilities are to maintain the common areas, prepare and maintain an accurate budget, assess and collect each member’s share of the

common expenses and preserve a

reserve fund sufficient to repair and

restore the common areas.


All property owners in Laurel Oak Estates

are members of the master homeowners’ association, LOCA.


Owners are encouraged to serve on committees (i.e., Nominating, Modifications, New Construction, Covenants).  All owners are subject to the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions, Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws and are strongly encouraged to become familiar with these documents.

The Community Association is devoted to the interests of those who own homes in the community by having on-site staff.

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Laurel Oak Community Map
Laurel Oak Map
Laurel Oak Community Map, Sarasota gated community
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